On 1st June 2017 the barefoot Hotel Timmendorfer Strand officially opened its doors. With more than 100 years the 19th century historical villa is one of the oldest buildings in the Lübeck Bay. With 57 different sized rooms, individually arranged with a selection of Til Schweiger’s favorite products, a soulful hotel was created in which guests feel at home from the very beginning.


It was love at first sight when Til Schweiger discovered a picture, which showed the building around the turn of the century. An old colonial style building with wooden beams like in Louisana. After extensive renovations a hotel close to nature has been created, which perfectly fits the seaside-surrounding – with authentic charm and character. 

A lot of wood, warm natural tones, organic feel on all surfaces. It is all about the integrated attitude towards life, which we already know from Tils interior and lifestyle brand Barefoot Living – a mixture of Malibu, Hamptons and Mallorca. 

In cooperation with Jasika Holding, which took care of all costs and organization of the historic renovation, Til Schweiger is responsible for all the design elements, interior and exterior of the barefoot Hotel. With lots of love and imagination he took care of every single detail, from the allocation of the rooms, to the shape of the cups up to the materials and colors of the pillows.

In terms of the furniture and living accessoires long-term cooperations with selected manufacturers have been made. The chairs and beds are made by Verywood near Venice, the TV furniture in a family business in Lübeck, the lamps in Mallorca. Many products can be bought in the hotel shop. In addition, there is a spa, gym, lounge area with fireplace and a restaurant with honest and modern cuisine. 

The barefoot Hotel is located between spa gardens and pier, 200 meters from the sea, is for people who want to experience individual relaxation. Due to its timeless authenticity and the beachhouse flair it is 100% barefoot.