HAPPY FAMILY: Monster fun made in Germany.

German release date: 24. August 2017 

Happy Family is the screen adaption of the of the same-titled novel from Emmy winner David Safier (“Jesus loves me”, “Berlin, Berlin”). Director Holger Tappe (Animals United), one of the pioneers of the German animation film, has created a 3D-fun for young and old, that does not have to hide behind Hollywood productions.


Despite the title the Wishbone family are far from happy. Mum, Emma, has a bookshop on the brink of bankruptcy, Dad Frank is totally overworked and exhausted, daughter Fay is going through those awkward teenage years as well as failing her exams and son Max is too intelligent for his own good and consequently being bullied at school – no wonder they all fight with one another all the time! And as if this all wasn’t enough already, after being dragged to a ‘costume’ party by Emma, where they end up being the only ones in costume, the Wishbones then get cursed by an evil witch. Suddenly their ‘costumes’ become a reality – Emma is a vampire, Fay is a Mummy bandaged from head-to-toe, Max is a little, hairy werewolf and Frank, well he’s Frankenstein’s monster of course. Together the newly turned monsters chase the witch half way across the world, along the way discovering that not all their new characteristics are a curse. But is that the answer to their unhappiness? Not likely! The more time they spend together, and also apart, it becomes clearer and clearer that there is only one way to solve their problems – the Wishbones must stick together! 

And so the Wishbone’s battle their way through this turbulent, family adventure, braving sticky situations and real-life, dangerous monsters including a giant, fire-breathing lizard, the frustrated and powerful Pharaoh Imhotep and even the Prince of Darkness himself – Dracula.