THE GOLDFINCH: Movie adaption of a bestseller with Nicole Kidman & Ansel Elgort

German release date: 26. September 2019

Directed by John Crowley, the cast is led by Ansel Elgort as Theo Decker and Oscar winner Nicole Kidman as Mrs. Barbour.


At the age of thirteen, Theodore "Theo" Decker loses his mother in a bomb attack at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The tragedy changes his life forever, drawing a poignant odyssey between grief and guilt, contraption and redemption, and even love.

THE DISTELFINK by Warner Bros. Pictures and Amazon Studios is the movie adaptation of Donna Tartt's best-selling bestseller worldwide, which won the Pulitzer Prize in Fiction in 2014 and the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction.

Other roles in the film include Oakes Fegley ("Elliott, the Dragon") as a young Theo, Aneurin Barnard ("Dunkirk") as Boris, Finn Wolfhard ("Stranger Things", "It") as a young Boris, Sarah Paulson ("The Publisher "," American Crime Story ") as Xandra, Luke Wilson (" The Royal Tennenbaums ") as Larry and Jeffrey Wright (" The Hunger Games ") as Hobie.