Production for this psycho-thriller started in Berlin on 17th January. 

The movie gets its story from the same-titled novel written by german bestseller author Sebastian Fitzek in symbiosis with the head of Berlin Charité’s forensic medicine institute Michael Tsokos. The two make an incredible author’s duo and director Christian Alvart, who also wrote the novel adaption, has already shown to be the right professional when it comes to action movies („Tschiller:Off Duty“, „Banklady“ in the past and also knows how to deal with darker themes („Antikörper“, „Pandorum“).


Moritz Bleibtreu, Fahri Yardim and Lars Eidinger, together with Enno Hesse and Jasna Fritzi Bauer, form a fantastic cast for the „Spiegel“ bestseller’s screen adaption. 

Production is run by Ziegler Film (Regina Ziegler and Barbara Thielen) alongside Syrreal Entertainment (Christian Alvart, Sigi Kamml). The project is co-produced by Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany.

ABGESCHNITTEN will be shot until the 10th of March on 36 Days in Berlin, Brandenburg and on Helgoland, Schleswig-Holstein with a release in 2018 for german cinemas. The film gets funded by Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg and the German Federal Film Fund.

Synopsis: The successfull Berlin forensic pathologist Paul Herzfeld discovers a note in a dead body’s head: His daughter has been kidnapped. A corpse found on Helgoland contains more hints for the worried father- unfortunatly though, a storm cut the island off from the mainland. Out of sheer desparation, he talks the young cartoonist Linda into performing an obduction on the body - instruced via phone. Linda, however, has never touched a corpse before.